Working Your Butt Off For Perfect Glutes But Not Seeing Results?

Get the only guide you’ll need to get to the bottom of your bottom. Grab a copy of “The Glute Bible.”

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It’s time to stop asking if those jeans make you look fat. Get into the most fabulous shape with “The Glute Bible,” an unabridged resource to the right mindsets, habits, regimens, and knowledge to achieve the figure you never thought you’d have again.

Meet Casey / Hi! Nice to Meet You.

I’m Casey Fleyshman Martin.

I’m a former Prima Ballerina turned certified personal trainer and nutritionist. My passion is to help people experience the best health by getting fit and eating right. For the past ten years, I’ve spent learning all I can about fitness and health and have spent a good chunk of that time sharing all I know with people on social media.

Now, over 2 million of my followers have benefited from my content and teachings. After years of training and coaching people, I noticed how so many people struggle with finding the right knowledge that will help them get the glutes of their dreams. They either run out of time reading massive resources or going through days of online courses or pick up a “quick fix” online that doesn’t deliver results.

Fitness isn’t a jigsaw puzzle.

It should be simple and straightforward.

That’s what readers get when they read and implement lessons from “The Glute Bible.”

The Glute Bible

The Gluteus Maximus— also known as your glutes, butt, or bottom— is one of the most powerful parts of your body. It plays a bigger role than most people think. Great glutes don’t only make you look good and feel good. They help you move better and live better.
That’s why I wrote “The Glute Bible” — The only book you’ll ever need to understand your Glutes and how to get them in the best shape possible.

Why you should read the book

What’s in the Book?

In this book, we’ll journey together through some chapters and programs that will help you get the best bottom.

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Pick up a copy of “The Glute Bible” and start your journey towards better fitness, better eating, better lives, better bodies, and better bottoms!
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